Since announcing that we would be starting a Charitable Organization, Fred and I have been asked “Why?”.  Although the many reasons that we can offer as an explanation for our want to do this, you can see a major reason in the letter above from the Calumet College of St. Joseph Food Bank.  I received this letter right before Christmas and was actually very surprised.  Fred had gone to a luncheon at the College around Thanksgiving and had been introduced and then applauded for the efforts we had given to help with their fund raiser.  Even though we played, what I would consider a minor role, in procuring a monetary gift for their Food Bank they saw it as a rather important part of their service.

When you read the letter and “feel” the difference something as small as we did for their organization you begin to realize just what a difference a few people can make in the lives of others.  Seeing this in a place as small as Northwest Indiana just leads you to understand how much each and everyone of us can do to help.  Needless to say, all of us associated with CAASH Charity want to continue to help, not only in our backyard, but anywhere that can use the assistance.  We realize just how fortunate we have been in our lives and how many people we can thank for all that we have.

We anxiously await approval for our Tax Exempt status to arrive so that we can even make a bigger impact.  Stay tuned as we will try and detail other efforts that we hope to assist in the future.