President Pat Montalbano announced to the CAASH CHARITY Board members that our Charity was selected for a COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT GRANT from the Walmart Corporation by the Walmart Store in Hammond for 2024. President Pat announced that a 2nd Walmart facility at 2818 Cabela Drive in Hammond nominated and chose CAASH CHARITY for a 2nd Grant. CAASH CHARITY has now been awarded Walmart Community Grants for multiple years. When President Montalbano went to thank the managers they responded that “they have heard from many Hammond residents that CAASH has been Extremely Supportive to those in need”.

These Grant’s will be of great help to our pledge to help those in NEED and to assist in our commitment to provide Holiday Meals at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter

All of us at CAASH CHARITY want to THANK WALMART and these 2 stores. It is people like the Walmart Managers that have made our Charity grow beyond what even we believed would happen in these 6 short years. We will shortly go over $135,000 in giving to nearly 2500 individuals, families and groups in the first 6 years.

Thank you President Montalbano for helping make this happen for the Charity.