Here are many of the frequently asked questions about our Organization:

  1. Is this charity only for Clark People?  NO!  Although it is a Northwest Indiana based charity and will begin by concentrating there, we hope that over time we might become Statewide and even beyond.
  2. Do you have to be a Clark Alumni or Booster to be part of the Organization?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Despite the name being a mnemonic of Clark Alumni/Athletic Sports Heroes that really only refers to the originators of the Organization.  As most people know all of the original board members were either Clark football coaches or players.  We realize that if we are going to grow to a level we are aspiring to we need all the help we can muster.  The wider our web covers the more we can help others.
  3. Do you have to be a member to receive help?   NO!  However, a board member or fellow member of the organization MUST originate the request for you.
  4. Are there any DUES charged members or any stipends paid to board members?  NO and NO.  At the present times our by-laws prevent dues or salaries of any kind from being charged or given.  Despite having some innate bills that must be paid our goal is to be as close to 100% donations being given out as possible
  5. What does someone do to become a member?  According to our by-laws, the potential member MUST be brought to the the board and introduced at a meeting by a current board member or current member.  They will then be voted on by the board members and if accepted become an official member at the next meeting.
  6. Are there specific cases that the Organization will help?  Yes and NO.  Currently there are 5 scenarios we consider, so that is YES but one of the scenarios is OTHER,  which would be considered on a case by case basis.  The other 4 are FOOD BANKS, LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT, MEDICAL (there are stipulations) and UNEXPECTED DEATH.  Examples of the category of OTHER would be such as House Fires, Floods, etc.
  7. How would someone go about requesting funds?  We have a form called the Potential Recipient Form (PRF) that MUST be filled out and brought to the Organization through a board member.
  8. Are all requests fulfilled in full?  NO, not necessarily.  There are several conditions which could arise such as, money availability, total number of requests at the time, supporting documentation and overall approval by the board.  Also, a partial gift could be made at any time.
  9. Are there any conditions attached to receiving the request?  Not really.  You don’t have to join the Organization (although we might ask you if you would like to).  There is no payback of any funds received.  However, we might have you fill out a survey once the request is received.
  10. WHY??? Why did this group feel they should start this charity organization?  Speaking for Fred and Gary , they have said on multiple occasions that this type of thing has been on their mind ever since they began coaching Football together in 1988.  Besides the obvious need that is present and has been for some time it is their way of giving back to an area that they grew up in, made their careers in raised families in.  However, the main reason for Gary is that he has also been surrounded by coaches and players that are extremely hard workers and will do what ever is necessary to complete a goal.  With those types of people at your beckoned call this venture seemed impossible to fail at and might provide some positiveness to the area that they have called home.  To that point they both were amazed at how the past coaches and players jumped on board completely and the area responded with nothing but high praise and wanting to help.