THE Drum

We will soon be taking on another task to FILL THE DRUM Part 2.  We are hoping to have as successful a venture as we did with the drum in August of 2018.  However, this time we may have not only the sequel to FILL THE DRUM but have a second Drum since in February we will be featuring two different raffles as part of our first Fund Raiser for the year 2020.  Heading back to our football days we are going to undertake another Super Bowl Party like the days as coaches at Clark called The BIG GAME Party held on Sunday February 2, 2020 in Highland at “The Room” where ULTRA FOODS use to be.  One of the raffles will be for a new concept in raffles called “PING PONG RAFFLE” where 200 LUCKY participants will have a chance to win a part of $10,000 in 24 Draws.  (MORE TO COME ON THIS LATER) and the 2nd Raffle will be for a chance to win one or more of 3 BIG SCREEN TV’s (1-65 inch Smart TV and 2- 55 inch Smart TV’s will be raffled off that Night.  The Party will consist of Food, Beer, Soft Drinks, 3 Raffle Tickets for the TV’s and a chance to win part of the Ping Pong Raffle for $80.  There is a limited number of tickets so once they become available don’t delay.  Individual TV Tickets are $5 each and 3 for $10 and are available from any board member.

If you were ever part of the Clark Football Parties you know how much fun it was and the last one we held had 370+ people there.  If you have never been part of it then you won’t want to miss this opportunity.  It will be fun for all and a great pportunity to once again HELP THOSE IN NEED