On March 27th, the CAASH CHARITY Board pledged $1000 for Safety Supplies to the Hammond Police, Fire, Hospital Staff and Volunteer Food Pantry Workers in hopes that it would ease some of their anxiety fighting the Caronavirus. Among the items that they requested were Masks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer and Bleach. We will continue to explore where we can acquire these items as they are in short supply. The same day that we placed this in a post on facebook we received donations of over $300 from our friends and members. This is absolutely wonderful and extremely appreciative. Let’s fight this problem together and make Northwest Indiana a safer place to work and live.

Since September 15, 2018 and with this pledge, CAASH CHARITY has given out $23,435 to 95 recipients and we are always looking for new candidates. They can be individuals, Families or Organizations that are in need of help. Each meeting we try to allocate money to HELP THOSE IN NEED. We do have some that we try to help each time like the Meals On Wheels, Haven House for Battered People, Nazareth House for dependent Babies and the list goes on. However, we are also looking for families for our Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Hot Meals or those in need of a helping hand due to a catastrophe in the family or to get them over the edge. We can not guarantee that all requests will be met each meeting but we will do our best to help all we can.

You can be a part of this also by simply becoming a member of CAASH. You can do that by contacting a board member and giving them your name, email, address and phone. If you want you can go to our website and fill out the information on our VOLUNTEER page. You can also help b donating to CAASH CHARITY on that page also and using a credit card or paypal transfer.

Become part of what we feel is a great organization who is here to HELP OTHERS. No one on our board receives any stipend or money and we give back as close to 100% of the money we generate. A small amount does go for postage etc.