Minutes from December 2018 meeting
Minutes for August 2018 meeting 



The unanimously approved minutes from the JUNE QUARTERLY MEETING


The January meeting of CAASH CHARITY held at the Hammond Marina minutes were accepted into record at the March meeting at BYWAY BREWING. Below are those minutes for you viewing pleasure.

Minutes of January 7th

The inaugural meeting of CAASH Charity was called to order at 11:45 by Chairman Gary Ridgley. Roll was called and those in attendance were: Fred Behrens, Gary Ridgley, Jim Blair, Milan Kruszynski, Pat Montalbano, Abe Rivera, Ryan Ridgley, Jen Klapek and Chris Ader. A quorum was met.

Chairman Gary Ridgley thanked Jen Klapek for taking notes for the minutes. Announcements were made by Fred Behrens on the Jersey Donations and the letter we received from Calumet College Food Pantry for our Donation. The letter has been posted on the Web Page (caashcharity.org) that Gary Ridgley talked about. It was noted that Randy Ridgley made the Web page and in fact is ongoing with it. Discussion followed commenting on the site as to how well it is presented.

Fred and Gary explained that we had been granted a NON-Profit License by the State of Indiana on November 30th, 2017, and we had filed for our 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt status but had not heard back. There was discussion of the costs of each of these ($31 and $275, res) and there was a motion by Milan Kruszynski to reimburse Gary for the cost he incurred; second by Fred and passed unanimously. Goals of the Group were discussed with the outcome being simply to GIVE BACK. It was also noted that there can be NO PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT given when issuing help.

The By-Laws were read by Gary with discussion and a motion was made by Milan to Accept the By-laws second by Ryan Ridgley and voted unanimously to accept as written.
A motion was made by Fred to keep $1000 in the bank as a minimum and no money can be given that would cause us to drop below that mark. A second by Milan. During discussion Abe Rivera wanted to add that the Advisory Board wold have the discretion to go below to pay bills. Motion passed unanimously with the addition by Abe
A copy of the Potential Recipient Form was issued to each member present and discussed. Ryan Ridgley questioned a note on the form and it was decided that it should be changed to an asterisk (*). It was so noted and a motion by Ryan Ridgley with a second by Abe Rivera to accept the PRF with the change. The vote was unanimous.
Ryan Ridgley suggested that we have a Volunteer log on Google to log every ones hours for tax purposes. Ryan volunteered to make the spreadsheet and get it to everyone. A motion was made by Fred Behrens to have a volunteer log developed by Ryan second by Milan and voted unanimously.

There was open discussion on possible fund raisers and tabled until we receive our 501(C)(3) and understand the state statues for gaming.

Fred announced that Gary and He would be on WJOB on the evening of January 8, 2018 to talk about the new Charity. That led to discussion on other avenues for getting the word out like the TIMES, POST TRIBUNE, REGION SPORTS and the development of a FACEBOOK DEDICATED FOR CAASH CHARITY. Gary stated that Randy Ridgley and he would be starting that upon his return to VEGAS.

Discussion was turned to the potential LEVELS OF DONATIONS on the web page. A motion was made to accept the levels presented by Gary Ridgley by Ryan Ridgley and second by Pat Montalbano. The motion passed unanimously.

New Business brought a motion to start a PAYPAL for the Charity for collecting donations by Gary Ridgley with a second by Abe Rivera. The motion passed unanimously.

It was also noted that with our potential tax exemption we are only allowed to earn up to $50000 a year for the first 4 years.

Treasurer Gary Ridgley noted that at present there was $397 in the account.

The next meeting will be March 14th,2018 at 6pm at Byway Brewing on Kennedy Ave and the Borman as long as Milan can schedule it there.

A motion was made to adjourn by Milan and a second by Ryan. With no Objections the meeting was adjourned at 1:36pm

Notes by Jen Klapek compiled by Gary Ridgley

Minutes from March Meeting Unanimously accepted at the June meeting

Minutes from Meeting 3/14/18 At Byway Brewer

Members present Gary, Fred, Bach, Ryan, Steve, Milan, Abe, Jimmy, Miguel, Alex, Chris, Ader, Jen, Eric, Jill

Administrator in charge of meeting: Treasurer Gary Ridgley

Discussion of fund raisers and ticket sales Greek Fest, Perogie Fest, Fest of the lakes.

Ideas about fundraisers at Byway Brew, with the owner offering his business as host. He recommended Blog the bloggers? get the email lists from other Businesses.

Millan Motion to accept, Fred second, unanimous  by body. ( no one assigned to head this)

Treasury Report As of 3/12 Bal 2255.86 in the account

with payouts for Loan Pay back, Lic fees, Motion to accept Milan Eric second, passed

Old Business; Minutes from last meeting from Jan 8th Passed.

Jan 8th 501c3 approved Ability to apply on web site added.

The raffle will be held Aug 16th at battle of 119th st BBQ

Kris Bryant Jersey raffled off and won by Jerry Bales.

 Wjob Radio Interview of Fred and Gary placed on web site and future Interviews

Abe with possible dates of 5K run maybe on Aug 19th The search of sponsors, Vendors. 

Motion by Milan for Abe to continue working on Run, Second by Eric, Carried

New Business; Fund raiser Raffle Gary recommended each member be given 60 tickets and they are required to sell, raffle to end Aug 16th. Members will be contacted every three weeks to check on progress and turn in money of sold tickets.

Asking of members to try to add to the membership, This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Attempt to locate vendors for the best price for shirts and hats to be purchased for the Charity, Milan motion that Ryan and Eric attempt to locate possible business. Second by Burgos, carried

Member Jill stated that she would like to revive the Clark Booster Club, Group Class Reunions , Fred Motion to accept to have Jill continue and report back by next meeting, second by Bach, carried

Gary announced he would be back in Hammond Sometime around June 7th to the 11th. Next meeting Saturday Morning June 9th at the Clark Gym 9 am Passed

Milan motion to Adjourn. Second by Ryan Carried.

Minutes noted and written by Secretary Steve Ridgley